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Rescue Center


A society where children become responsible citizens through fulfilment of their prescribes rights and welfare.


To safeguard the rights and welfare of all children in Kenya through implementation of relevant policies, coordination, supervision and delivery of services


1. Decongestion

From average of120 children to about 60 children hence each child has a more individual attention.

2. Renovation

· All the windows in the dormitories have been fitted with window panes. The shutters were replaced. This protects the children from cold weather.

· Play therapy room has been created.

· Counselling room has been created

· Play house has been constructed for outdoor games

· Dry house where clothes dry when the weather is not favourable

3. Physiotherapy room, equipment and a Physiotherapist who comes to see the children

4. Pets

The institution introduced the keeping of rabbits to be part of life skill lessons for the children and also as leisure

5. Exit strategy

The institution has adopted new methods of exiting the children .

It is done through:

· Counselling: This is where the counsellor sits down with the child to open up in giving the information about home background.

· Education: They are taught life skills, games and academics.As these go on they interact with each other which help in opening up in giving the information about their home background and schools they used to attend.

· Reintegration: This is basically reuniting the child with his/her family .After successful counselling and educational sessions,the child is ready to show us the way to their home or schools through Home Tracing

· Family Group Discussion Meeting(FGDM): It only takes place when a child has shown us his/her home and certain issues arise.Issues that need our office, church leaders, school management and other Administration offices toaddress.

6. Chicken Project: The institution has beguna chicken project with an intention of children getting meat and eggs.This was done courtesy of AV Tours Netherlands.

7. Play Area: Initially all play items were scattered all over the compound but we had an idea where it was to be centralised.The area was identified and items placed centrally that is the swings, slides, sand pit and many others.This has made supervision easier.This was done courtesy of Montessori distance learning centre.