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Zetech University Library Rules and Regulations

The Library management shall have the power to make and modify rules and regulations in consultation with relevant university committee as it may deem necessary from time. Notice of any modification or changes will be posted on the library notice board and the website. All users accommodated in the library will be required to observe the following rules and regulations cautiously, every time they visit the library.


The following persons are eligible to use the Library:

  • Registered Zetech University Students
  • Zetech University Staff


Library use shall be subject to membership. The members should strictly abide by the library rules and regulations.The Librarian has the authority to withdraw the membership of an individual found to be flouting the library rules and regulations


  • Silence must be observed in the library at all times
  • Eating and drinking in the library is forbidden
  • Bottles of ink or any other liquids, brief cases, bags, coats and other oversize clothing are NOT allowed in the library and shall be kept at the luggage bay
  • Library books used within the library should be left on the tables and NOT re-shelved by users
  • Order and good mannerism must be observed in the library
  • Sleeping in the library is NOT allowed.
  • Stealing or attempting to steal library property is punishable
  • Use of mobile phones in the library is NOT allowed, security personnel have the right to confiscate the users phones if used in the library
  • Reservation of seats in the library is NOT permitted
  • The users must produce their ID cards every time they visit the library
  • All persons leaving the library must show their possession to the security official at the exit door
  • Computers are provided for the purpose of research purposes. Misuse of these facilities is prohibited


  • Borrowing is restricted to registered members
  • Library members should produce their IDs when borrowing information materials
  • Library members are responsible for loss or damage of library materials in their possession. They will be required to pay for the loss or damage at a cost to be determine
  • It is an offence to take materials outside the library unless they are properly issued and stamped by the library staff at the circulation desk.
  • Writing, underlining or tearing library material is prohibited.
  • Most books in the library may be borrowed but Reference books, Journals, etc, may only be taken out of the library with authority of the relevant Head Librarian
  • Loaned items may not be transferred from one borrower to another but must be returned to the library for re-issuing.

Number of books that can be borrowed at one time

  • Staff: 6 items for 1 month.
  • Students: 4 items for 14 days. 


  • Borrowed Library materials not returned after the due-date attract fines
  • Borrowing rights may be withdrawn from persons who persistently keep library materials overdue.


  • Fines of Ksh.50/= a day from the due date will be charged on all information materials on loan
  • Books returned one month after the due date will have to be replaced.
  • If a book is damage the borrower will be charged its replacement value. It’s the responsibility of the borrower to see that a book is in good order when borrowing and if a book is returned in a damaged condition it will be assumed it has been damaged whilst in the possession of the last borrower.
  • Lost books should be replaced after 2 week
  • A fine of Ksh.500 will be charged as on top of the replacement cost as the processing charge

Withdrawal of facilities

  • The University Librarian may withdraw Library facilities from any Library user who in his/her opinion disregards Library regulations and the matter shall be further referred to the University Library Committee for confirmation or otherwise at its next meeting.
  • The University Librarian may temporarily withdraw such facilities from any member who in his/her opinion disregards Library regulations.

Use of Electronic Resources

  • Library users are to safeguard access to e-resources by not sharing their user name and password
  • The Library will limit the use of the e-books and e-journals acquired on subscription basis to non-commercial, educational and research purposes
  • Users may print, download or quote limited amount of information with proper attribution
  • Users may copy an article for their own learning or research
  • Users may create a link to a journal article on a published or aggregate web site
  • Users may not copy or systematically download large amounts of informatio
  • Users may not distribute copies of materials to individuals or groups


  • Digital library services shall be made available to all library users.
  • All campus libraries shall have access to online databases and other necessary application software in place.
  • Users shall not utilize digital library facilities to access obscene, racist, defamatory or illegal content;that causes harassment or gross offence to others or that would be a breach of copyright.
  • Occasionally, the digital library shall serve as backup area for library training requiring hands on skills.During such periods, notice shall be posted to communicate to users.
  • Computer usage shall be regulated on first come first served basis at a specified duration supervised by the librarians.
  • Digital library users shall not move, connect, disconnect, vandalize, turn off, or change available equipment.
  • Personal files shall not be saved on computers because the machines are routinely formatted. The Library shall not accept liability for any damage or loss of data arising directly or indirectly from the use of the digital library equipment by a client.
  • Users shall not be allowed to exploit digital library equipment and institutional internet for commercial purposes.
  • The Library Administration shall reserve the right to bar any digital library user for violating any of these regulations or any other Library rule.

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