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zetech university Library Week 2024

From June 11th to 13th, 2024, Zetech University Library hosted a vibrant two-day Library Week event aimed at enhancing student awareness of our extensive library services. Teaming up with Zetech University Knowledge Ambassadors (ZUKA), we engaged students in a series of enriching activities. Throughout the event, students benefited from comprehensive training sessions facilitated by our dedicated team. Highlights included hands-on guidance on accessing both electronic resources and physical books, as well as specialized workshops on utilizing the powerful DrillBit similarity check software and mastering citation management with Mendeley. Central to our approach was peer-to-peer training, a cornerstone in ensuring widespread student engagement. This initiative has proven pivotal in promoting access to e-resources via our innovative MyLOFT (My Library on Fingertips) platform. Designed for convenience, MyLOFT extends 24/7 access to resources, empowering students to seamlessly integrate library resources into their mobile lifestyles, effectively transforming our library into a "Library without walls." We extend our heartfelt appreciation to everyone who contributed to making Library Week 2024 a resounding success. Together, we continue to elevate the library experience at Zetech University.

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